You have successfully completed your master’s degree, but your thirst for research and science is not yet quenched?  With the doctoral thesis, you prove that you are able to research independently and work scientifically.  As with the bachelor’s and master’s theses, it is now important to find a suitable topic for this.  Since finding a topic for the dissertation is not an easy task, we will guide you to find your personal topic with and on Thesius.

The topic of your dissertation should inspire you personally, but at the same time be relevant for research or business and ideally open the door to a successful career. Academies give tips for choosing a topic.

Finding a doctoral topic: Strategic considerations before the searchAnalyze the current state of research in detail Delineate the topic of the doctoral thesis Find a dissertation topic: The most important cornerstones

Finding a PhD topic: Strategic considerations before the search

The choice of the dissertation topic is a central point in the preparation for a doctorate. The chosen topic will accompany you over the next few years: in lonely hours in the archive or laboratory, at your desk, at conferences, and in the seminar room.  The fact that you, as the author, are personally interested and not bored is, therefore, an important prerequisite so that you don’t lose your enthusiasm on the long way to a doctorate title.

When applying for a doctoral position, the topic is often already specified.  Here you should critically examine beforehand whether you can imagine researching and working on exactly this topic over the coming years.  Also, keep an eye on your own career prospects.

If you choose the topic freely, then don’t let yourself be guided solely by personal interests, but make strategic considerations. Are you aiming for an academic career or do you see your future clearly in the private sector?  It depends on which principles you should use when choosing your dissertation topic.

Careers in science: Greatest possible relevance for research

 The following applies to young scientists: not only you, but also the professional world must be able to gain something from your doctoral topic.  The right topic can help you to distinguish yourself in an attractive and future-oriented field of research and network with other researchers.  It can convince selection committees, win financial support and steer your own scientific career on the right track.

An “orchid theme”, on the other hand, may inspire you personally, but it can lead to a dead end in your career.  If hardly anyone has been doing research in the envisaged subject area, there is a risk that your own results will fade into scientific nirvana without being noticed by your colleagues.

 Career in business: practical relevance is required

 If you would like to switch to business after completing your doctorate, it may be worth contacting companies early on and deciding on a more practically relevant topic.  An industrial doctorate, where you can make valuable contacts and recommend yourself for subsequent employment, could be of interest to you.  Here, however, you are often restricted in your choice of topics.

Analyze the current state of research in detail

 In order to specifically determine the best topic for your dissertation, you must first obtain an overview of the research literature and the most recent publications.

Read scientific journals and especially research reports, also called “Review Articles” in English-language journals.  There you will find clear summaries of recently published books, but also suggestions for future projects.

 Try to find a question that interests you and which, in your opinion, has not yet been adequately answered.  Because one of the requirements for a dissertation in any case is that it brings research progress.

For the best dissertation ideas, get an overview of the topics on which doctorates have been awarded in your scientific field in recent years.  This gives you a sense of how comprehensive or how narrow you should make your own topic.

 You are not sure whether your dissertation topic has already been awarded a doctorate?

While you are deciding on the specific topic, you should also think about the form in which you would like to publish your dissertation later, for the best dissertation ideas, as a monograph or in a cumulative form?  In this academies guide, you will find further information on the subject of monographic and cumulative dissertations.

The information collected so far will help you to specify the topic of your own dissertation.

Clearly define the topic of the doctoral thesis

The information collected so far will help you to specify the topic of your own dissertation.  In order to be able to complete the dissertation project in the envisaged time – usually three to four years – it is essential to clearly define the topic of the doctoral thesis.

 Limit your work to a clearly defined selection of data.  For historians, this can be the newly discovered collection of letters from an important personality, for physicians, for example, the results of the most recent studies on a newly developed treatment method.

 Keep an eye on the secondary literature, also against the background of your time planning: Which publications are there on your topic, which ones do you need, and in what form are they available? 

Do you possibly have to undertake time-consuming research trips to archives? 

In this context, also think about the methodology: In what way do you want to research your subject area? 

Think early on which method could bring you the most meaningful results. For example, should you conduct expert interviews, evaluate case studies or conduct your own experiments?  Plan enough time for this

Finding the best dissertation topic: The most important cornerstones

 In addition to personal interests and career considerations, scientific aspects also play a crucial role in the choice of your dissertation topic.  You should clarify these questions before deciding on your topic:

Can you identify with your dissertation topic? Is it relevant for research or for the economy?  Does it help you to achieve your personal goals? Are there already other works on this issue? In terms of scope: How complex can the topic be? Can the project be implemented in three or four years? How should the publication take place? Which method can best be used to implement the chosen topic?

Here we are going to guide you in choosing the best dissertation topics.


That’s it, you have made your choice and you want to continue your studies to do a doctorate!  A question then arises: what are you going to be able to work on for more than three years?

present here different avenues to take into account when looking for your thesis subject, whether it is the subject itself, but also the supervisors who will accompany you during this doctorate or the research center in which you will work.

The importance of the best dissertation topic

 As you know, your dissertation topic is the core of your doctorate.  This is what you will be working on for several years and it must therefore make you want to get up every morning and sometimes spend your nights on it in order to finish a presentation or an article…

Choosing the best dissertation topic is above all about understanding what your desires and inspirations are.  Knowing what you want to work on can take time and it is necessary to educate yourself, read articles and learn about trends in your field in order to find a subject that is as stimulating as possible.

Remember that as a doctoral student, you are still learning.  This means that you still have a lot of things to discover, and methods to perfect and all of these elements must be taken into account when you choose your thesis subject.  A good technique is to turn to a subject that is at the border between your current skills and those you would like to develop over the next few years.

 From a more global point of view, your research topic must also bring something to the scientific community.  It must be both innovative in order to advance general knowledge, but also realistic so as not to get lost in a research theme that no one is working on and for which it will take you 10 years before acquiring the first results.  To do this, get information, and discuss it with researchers in your field, they often have too many ideas for not enough time and will be happy to share their research ideas with you.

enough time and will be happy to share their research ideas with you.

 2 – The importance of dissertation supervisors

 During your doctorate, your first referents will be your supervisors, and your thesis directors.  When you start your doctorate, these people will not become your bosses, but rather your mentors, your referents.  It is, therefore, necessary to choose your supervisors carefully, both from a scientific point of view and from a human point of view.

 First, scientifically.  As I said earlier, during your doctorate you are still learning and it is your supervisors who will guide you and teach you new concepts, and new work techniques.  In order for this supervisor-doctoral relationship to be as prolific as possible for you, you must therefore choose dissertation supervisors with skills in the research topic on which you intend to work.  University professors are brilliant people, but they don’t know everything and have their favorite fields.  So consider their specialties and make sure they have the skills to guide you through your PhD.  In order to find people with the skills to mentor you, you can study literature.  Go through the papers and note the names that come up most often, these are the people with whom you should collaborate during your thesis.

 During a doctorate, the human aspect is also very important.  As I said, a thesis is a long-term job and you must therefore surround yourself with competent people, but also with people with whom you enjoy working and exchanging.  To do this, ask former doctoral students and former interns to find out how your future supervisors work, do they usually devote a lot of time to their doctoral students or do they see them once a month?  Are your future directors pedagogical and ready to take the time needed for their students?  Compare the answers to these questions to ensure that the working methods of your future supervisors correspond to your expectations and your vision of research.

Master’s thesis: how to choose a good research topic?

Finding a good dissertation topic is generally perceived as a real headache for many students.  However, when the student chooses to push his studies to the highest level, there inevitably comes a time when he asks himself this crucial question: How to choose my dissertation subject?  How to choose the subject of the dissertation is a question that is all the more essential since by accessing the second cycle of higher education, the candidate is called upon to carry out study and research work generally sanctioned by a defense before a jury.

How to choose your dissertation topic: a crucial step to master

The question of how to choose your thesis subject remains all the more fundamental as it has a strong influence on the final result which each candidate for the Master will end up.  It is therefore an important “skill” to develop and consolidate in order to overcome all those frustrations and disappointments that usually arise when the process of choosing the subject of research is neglected.

The importance of the research center

 Choosing a thesis subject is often linked to choosing a research center (CDR) in which you will do this doctorate.  The choice of CDR is therefore also very important, for several reasons.

 The first point is the suitability of your lab for your research topic.  Indeed, it is easier to do a quality doctorate when you are surrounded every day by people who work on similar projects.  You can then share more easily and sometimes unblock one of your problems at the end of a corridor!

 The second important point is the CDR itself.  Try to find out if it’s a big research center and if it’s active in the scientific community.  Your doctorate is an opportunity to create a network, meet people, to discover new areas of research, so it can be interesting to work in a large lab, allowing you to be surrounded by many professors and doctoral students.

Third, choosing a CDR means choosing the city where you will spend most of your time in the next few years.  So this should not be taken lightly.  If it’s a city you don’t know, take the time to find out, try to find out if you can easily adapt to it and what the assets of this city are for having a pleasant life.

 As a student, writing your dissertation is an important and challenging part of your course.  It is important that the topic you choose is relevant to you as a person.  If not, it is much more difficult to motivate yourself to research and write.

 That’s why it’s important that you choose a topic that interests you!

For your establishment

 It is also important that your dissertation topic matches your program of study.  If not, your topic will not be approved by your school.  Schools often have general guidelines to guide you.

 Discuss with your supervisor what is possible and what is not.

 3. For your internship company

 If you are writing your dissertation as part of an internship at a company, that company will surely have something to do with your dissertation.  You should discuss your research plan with your internship supervisor.  This person knows what is and what is not relevant to the business.

 Your search results should help the business in some way.

But apart from all that, we are giving a few important topics for your best dissertation to ease your task. Here are some best-suggested topics for your dissertation on

different fields of life.


Household behavior and family economics

Production and organization



What is community nursing care? How do nurses plan to execute the same in these critical hours of the pandemic?

The history of nursing communication and community health services – Explore the meaning, application, potential, and reach of this topic

What are the best practice standards in the community health care industry in your country? Form an evaluative analysis of the topic


History and memory

The story of memory

History and memory past and present


Commercial law and business

commercial law and the company

Commercial law, a law governing commercial enterprises


The protection of personal data, challenges of the 21st century

Protection of inventions, innovation

International Commercial Arbitration

hrm dissertation topics


What are the challenges of loyalty marketing for a company?

What is the place of influencers in digital marketing today?

How to boost the performance of a commercial company using digital marketing?


New business management techniques

Intergenerational management

Management put to the test by new technology


Financial crises around the world. 

Management of conflicts of interest in the distribution of wealth in the company.

Financial equilibrium of companies in France.co


Forced execution in contract law

The international sales contract

Unfair Commercial Practices


Approaches to emotional development in early childhood education.

Classroom management and techniques to incorporate in student’s reinforcement plan

The virtual classroom and its effects in COVID.


The myth of the vampire and its symbolic representations in 19th-century literature

The historical novel: origins and novelties

Women in Contemporary Asian Literature


Artificial intelligence: a certain social intelligence

The “immature” brain: genesis and diffusion of a new social discourse on young delinquents in the United States

Relationship to work and socio-demographic


Tropical rainforest.

Deserts and dry areas.

Earthquakes, volcanism, plate tectonics.


Innovation and creation

Marketing at the point of sale

Innovation in marketing


What is cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency emergance, challenges, and prospects

History and future of cryptocurrency


customer relations in the face of digitalization in companies.

Customer relations in the privileged area of ​​luxury. 

Organizational ethics and customer relations.


the psychological preparation of pregnant women for childbirth.

The factors behind the bad health of married women

Grooming of nurses about takecare pf patients and hygienic surgical devices


Human resources and change management

Change management and its difficulties

Change management and digitization


M.A education and modern science

The history of education

MA Education and career


Impacts of education on society

The role of education in mental grooming

The history of educational psychology and modern cultures

Feminist Dissertation Topics

Women in past and today’s time

The ideal society for women

Challenges for a woman in past and today

Social Media Marketing Dissertation Topics

The benefits of social media marketing

Impacts of social media marketing on business

Social media marketing vs print media marketing

Real estate dissertation topics

Constitution rules and regulations

Role of Topics

state in the economy of the country

The political benefits in international real estate business

ell, we hope this will help you choose your thesis topic and all that it entails.  Remember that above all, a thesis is a personal challenge and therefore it is best to choose a subject that motivates and fascinates you, in order to enjoy each day of research until your deference.

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