Essay Writing Problems Faced By Students in the USA


Every student shares a common enemy. And that enemy is:

Writing an Essay!

Are you a student? Then you must be suffering at the hands of essays as well.

Don’t worry; you are among one of many who runs into multiple problems when tasked with writing an essay.

The Sea Of Problems

No one other than students understands the deep waters they have to swim through to achieve good grades. It is easy for people to criticize students from afar. So let’s bring together all the problems a student (you) have to battle when assigned to write an essay!

Let’s also give those smug people an eye-opener!

1.   Not an Expert Yet!

Students are not an expert. That is the reason they are called students. But teachers expect them to write like one. But the bottom line is, students, do not have command on that topic. They can only write what information they find. But even if they conduct intensive research, it is not necessary that they will end up writing it from all angles.

2.   Getting Restricted During Research

Everyone knows that the spine of the essay is information. And information is gained through research. But what can a student do when all the portals of research have restricted access? Before the pandemic, students could quickly go to libraries and access all the published research papers and different books on their subject.

Well, now even that option has been taken away from students because of the ongoing lockdown situation. So, the students do not have access to all the resources needed for engaging in the research required to write a good essay. No one has the solution to this problem, now do they?

3.   Poor Writing Skills

Writing is not a game. It is a talent that is not owned by all the human population. It is perfectly fine for students to accept that they do not have good writing skills. They must have some other talents then. But in the end, essays need to be written. Even when all the boxes have been checked, poor writing skills still bring down the quality of the essay. As much as USA students would prefer a free writing class, well, no one is taking it.

4.   Various Formatting Styles

The cherry on top of all the problems, formatting styles. The constant swinging between various formatting styles has the students in a bind. For example, one professor assigns APA, the other needs his essays written in MLA, and then the third professor has required Harvard style. No way out for students, is there?

5.   Grammar Is Not Easy

Since the modern age, English has lost its essence. As a result, kids are not familiar with all the correct grammar rules. This shortcoming bites them in the back when they are writing an essay. And it is common knowledge that professors are not a fan of grammatical errors.

6.   Caught Red-Handed By Plagiarism

Students invest their best efforts during the process of writing an essay. But the punch in the gut is when all that work gets red marking due to plagiarism. Even if everything is paraphrased with precisions, one forgotten in-text citation or a reference from the reference list, and bam! The recipe for a plagiarized essay is complete.

The Solution

The root of the difficulty experienced while writing an essay has been discovered. So it’s time to yank it out of the way. And essay writing service USA are expert at cutting down all the essay related problems. They are a true Godsend for all the students.

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