How to write an essay outline?

How to write an essay outline

Sometimes, you are asked to submit the outlines separately, you are to submit them as a whole solo assignment before starting to write an essay. It can be a confusing stage for most of the students, how to write an essay outline? Can I get personal help in this matter? Some even wonder if they can get writing help for their essay assignments. Best Essay Writer is the place where you can find the answer to all of the questions listed above. 

Writing an outline for an essay is a problematic task as sometimes, we don’t know what to write or how to organize it. In my eyes, the outline itself is the organizer of the essay. It gives a sneak peek into the essay and helps us to understand the structure and flow of the essay. It also helps students to follow a certain order while writing an essay and their attention doesn’t divert to anywhere else. 

The outline is a good tool to keep your essay organized and balanced

It is a quick summary for the reader to catch on to what the essay is about. It gives a brief idea of what is discussed and what is the main concern of writing this essay. The outline is writing short and comprehensive sentences to represent the main themes and points of the essay. 

Questions rise: How to write one?

We are providing the best essay writing help and Best essay Writer is the only place where you can find a whole guide on this topic. Follow the given steps to quickly catch how to make a perfect outline for your essay. 

So step one organizing your data and material

When you decide to write an essay and still write outlines for it, your mind is full of ideas and you have a train of different thoughts running in your mind regarding the ideas about your topic. Your ideas are abstract and they are still not in a shape. First of all, make sure of the topic you are going to write about, and gather all the relevant data and information. To save them in a rough draft. 

Step two is making Units

So once, you have selected your topic and have organized all of the data, you can start making units of the data you have collected according to the structure of the essay. Try to arrange all the units related to your assignment and try to cover up all of the aspects of your essay. It depends on what type of essay you are writing and what topic you have chosen. 

For example, if you have chosen a historical topic, try to collect the themes and trends in the period; you are discussing. The most common structure for the essay outline is adding three themes or subjects. Depending on the type and length of the essay, you can create more and or split them into body paragraphs. 

Make sure to check whether all the points, themes, and units you have created are relevant to the topic or not. 

Step three is: presenting the outline

Now the summarized and complex sentences you have added and the units you have created; make sure to discuss each one of them in a separate paragraph. You will discuss each of them in a separate paragraph aiding them with the analysis and research you have done. In outline, you present these ideas in summarized and short-form but when writing an essay, you discuss each of the themes and points in a long and detailed way. If more explanation is needed, they are further divided into sub-units or sub-points. 

You can write with short phrases or summarized full sentences. Be sure of your choice, don’t just write random points. It is the beginning of your essay, if it’s done badly, it will put a bad effect on your readers. 

Outline varies from kind of essay. It is not the same for all types of essays. The demand for outline is separate for each type and we are going to discuss some of them in the following. 

Argumentative essay outline

For example, if you are writing a technology essay, you will follow the given sample. 

1- Introduction

2- Harmful effects of technology

  • Man has become lazy
  • Cybercrimes
  • Unemployment

Expository essay outline

In the following example, we are giving outlines for the essay “Woman empowerment”. For this type of essay, we use short but summarized sentences. Scroll down to see the example. 

1- Introduction

  • How the woman was treated in past?
  • What is woman empowerment?
  • What is the role of women in today’s society?

2- Woman’s empowerment

  • Why is it important to make a woman strong?
  • Is a financially strong woman can benefit society?

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