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How Can I Enhance My Dressing?

Undoubtedly a properly dressed person looks more attractive than a handsome one. It is very common, due to bad dressing sense, recruiters to reject candidates. Apart from a positive attitude, a person should carry on sober and fashionable clothes which hold the attention of recruiters.

Not only even job opportunity, even if you go for a party or a family get together or for a wedding, but the majority of fashion sense also oozes out from the dressing sense.

While many people ask for a proper way to dress up, we suggest no proper or improper method. There can’t be any right or wrong method of ‘dressing’. Rather all depends on choice and suitability. Here we will discuss several ways to enhance dressing sense.

Make a list:

We often witnessed the most ludicrous truth ever, i.e. even after a person has a wardrobe full of dresses, he has nothing to wear! Does not it funny?

Yeah, a little bit. Even after having multiple types of garments, when one puts on the same stuff repeatedly, it clearly denotes mismanagement. To get rid of this cycle, let’s start planning.

Make a list of dresses you will be putting on all along the week. Open your wardrobe and start making a list. Notice the change in dressing sense within a week.

Select a style icon:

Do you follow any celebrity on Instagram? Does she seem to be stylish to you? If yes, then select her as an icon. The person can be anyone such as she may be a super star or even a friend of your friend. Go through to his style statement. Make sure you want to follow the same.

Following does not denote blind imitation. However, you can get motivation from his styles and evolve your own. Click photos and see the difference. Sometimes a small haircut can also turn your past style statement.

While confused, try a jacket:

Instances can be cited. Sometimes, women feel shy to put on off-shoulder dresses. Generally, women who did not put on such type of western dress ever feel like this. Well, it is not at all uncommon.

Wearing a dress for the first time can make you feel a bit uncomfortable, or you may not understand whether it suits you or not.

In that case, she can always wear a jacket. It can bring back her confidence as well as adds a new style statement. Remember, if you are not confident enough by putting on a new dress, fashion remains incomplete. However, in this way, start experiment with your new look and a new dress.

Trial with some new trends:

Fashion is an extensive part that has no boundary. The day one started to put on torn jeans and uploaded cool pictures on social media, it becomes a trend. That is why this particular sector is always considered an initiative.

You never know how much enhancing look you may achieve by changing your style a little bit.

Mostly we always have the habit of confining ourselves within a particular style. Instead of that, if you try out new trendy clothes and put on colours that you have never used to, only then you can better understand what suits you and whatnot. Therefore, step out of the comfort zone and try a new. 

Use some accessories:

Suppose you are looking for the best short term loans. Without fulfilling the eligibility criteria, how come you get the fund? Therefore, overall without completing the eligibility criteria, the procedure of loan remains irrelevant.

Similarly, without putting on accessories, fashion remains incomplete. Whether you are going for a party or attaining an interview without accessories, your dress-up can’t achieve a beauteous status.

If you don’t like to put on heavy ones, go for plain and simple. Remember that a small earring, nose ring, or even a stylish watch can make the look more appealing.

  • Change the footwear –

Dress and shoe are intertwined. Without a proper pair of shoe, the dressing sense will not be attractive. Whether you are going to attend a party or to the office, both dresses should be customized with different types of shoes. Like, it is not suitable to wear high heels at office and boots at the party. Moreover, depending upon the colours, print and style, shoes need to be put on.

Unlike a top and jeans shoes are also important. If you cannot choose the proper pair of shoes with your dress, it will mismatch.

For instance, if you are going to the office put on formal shoes like flats, boots, new-cuts even. On the other, if you are going out with friends, put on colourful high heels.

Apart from changing dressing sense, one can also change the style of accessories, such as replace the old office bag with a new branded one. Remember, the more confident the dressing sense will be, the more confidence it will cater to your mind.

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