Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer-controlled robot or a simple digital computer to perform the everyday jobs generally associated with intelligent beings. AI technology often applies to the developing systems projects that endowed with the intellectual processes of humans characteristic, including the reasoning ability, discover meaning, learning from the experience, or taking a broad view. 

The Digital computer was invented in the 1940s, and since then it has been considered that computers can program to carry out every complex task, such as from playing chess to determining verifications of mathematical theorems with proficiency. However, still, no programs or software can contest human flexibility over a broad domain or in tasks having much general knowledge. Instead of this, the computer only advances in memory capacity and processing speed. 

Narrow Artificial Intelligence

Narrow artificial intelligence is the most common and successful type of artificial intelligence till now. Narrow AI has experienced several innovations with focusing on specific tasks performed in the last decade. According to a report, preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence, released by the Obama Administration in 2016, it has shown significant societal assistances and contributed to the economic strength in many countries. 

Here are examples of Narrow artificial intelligence: 

  1. Google artificial intelligent
  2. Self-driving cars
  3. Siri, Alexa and many other personal assistants
  4. Image recognition software
  5. IBM Watson 

Artificial General Intelligence

The manufacture of machines that have intelligence level up to the human being is called artificial general intelligence. These machine intelligence can perform any task. They seem to be the Holy Grail for several AI scientists.

According to Russel and Norvig 27, the finding of a universal system for learning and performing in any environment is not new. Artificial general intelligence is dystopian science fiction, in which super-intelligent robots fill humanity. 

Advantageous of artificial intelligent

There are lots of benefits of AI, let us have a look: 

1) Reduction in Human Error:

Human error is a type of mistakes that humans often make from time to time. In contrast, computers and robots do not make human errors if they are calibrated and programmed accurately. In Artificial intelligence, we make decisions from the previously collected information that are gathered by a particular set of processes. So the accuracy is high due to a decrease in the human errors the probability of meeting a greater degree of precision is more.

Example: AI intelligence used weather forecasting to reduce the chances of human error.

2) Takes risks in place of Humans:

One of the primary advantages of Artificial intelligence is that it takes human risks. An AI Robot can overcome several risky restrictions on humans. Machine intelligence does all the hazardous task for a human. 

Example: Going to the mars, discover the deepest portions of the oceans, defuse a bomb, pulling out for coal and oil, and rescue in artificial or natural disasters.

3) Available 24x7x365:

An average human being cannot work more than 4 to 6 hours in a day, excluding the breaks time. The human body needs to get some time out for the refreshment and ready for a new job every day. They also need weekly offers to give some time to their personal life. But machines intelligence can work on 24x7x365 without any off and with full of enthusiasm, unlike human beings.

Example: Many Helpline centres and Educational Institutes are solving many problems and questions by using AI technology.

4) Helping in Repetitive Jobs:

In our routine work, we perform a lot of repetitive tasks, such as sending an acknowledging email, verifying the errors in many documents and many other things. We can effectively automate all the routine works using artificial intelligence. Also, we can transform tedious tasks to the creative one for humans.

Example:  A banker has a routine verification of documents, such as at the time of issuing the loan that is a tedious task. Bankers can speed up the documents verification process using AI Cognitive Automation.

5) Digital Assistance:

Most of the developed organizations often use virtual intelligence to interact with the customers, which is known as digital assistants. It protects the necessity for human resources. The digital assistants are also helpful for many search engines like google artificial intelligence, to provide the search results that users want. It is also used for the communication purpose, and users cannot identify whether it is a human or chatbot.

Example: Almost every organizations have their customer executive support team who are available to solve the queries and doubts of the customers. The organizations are setting up a Chatbot or Voice bot using AI to answer the customers for all their questions. 

6) Faster Decisions:

Alongside the other technologies, we can build machine intelligence, take decisions faster than human beings and respond to quick actions. As we know, humans think in-depth while deciding to analyze several factors practically as well as emotionally. But AI technology response on the pre-programmed setting so delivers the outcome very fast.

Example: While playing Chess games on our computer. We cannot beat the CPU in the hard mode because AI monitors this game. AI can take the best possible step very quickly according to the Window that is used behind this.

7) Daily Applications:

AI technology has been used in our daily routine whether it is AI applications for taking a selfie, replying to a mail searching a location, or making a phone call. These frequently used AI applications are Window Cortana, Apple Siri, and Google OK Google are in our daily.

Example: Over 20 years ago, when we planned to go wherever they had to ask the location to someone else who had already gone there. But nowadays, we can do it by saying, OK Google, where is Manchester. It will display the exact location on google map. It will also suggest the best pathway between your area and the destination.

8) New Inventions:

AI technology has been driving a lot of inventions in almost every domain for a long time, which will help us to solve the many complex issues.

Example: Using advanced AI-based technologies, doctors can predict breast cancer if it starts to grow in a woman at the earlier stages.

Disadvantageous of artificial intelligence

As we know, every bright end also has a darker side. Thus, Artificial Intelligence also has a few drawbacks. Let us look at some of the disadvantages of AI.

  1. High Creation Costs due to updated version over time
  2. Making Humans Lazy with AI automatic applications
  3. Unemployment due to replacing the task the robots
  4. No Emotional bounding like a human in the case of Team Management.
  5. Lack of Out of the Box Thinking

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