ATM Eye Retina Technology

ATM eye retina technology

ATM eye retina technology is one of the most reliable and precise biometric methods of authentication. It is much more efficient than the traditional password system or DNA sequencing method. According to the estimation of the National Center for State Courts, retinal scanning has a low error rate, which is one in ten million. It is because, in general, the eye retina cannot change from birth until death. However, sometimes retinal patterns may alter if the person has glaucoma, diabetes, or any retinal degenerative disorders. ATM eye retina technology now considered an easy-to-use and reliable biometric because of the unique pattern and unchanging nature of the retina.

What is an eye retina?

The human retina is a thin layer of cells located in the posterior part of the human eye. It is made up of a complex network of blood capillaries. Thus, every person has a unique retina. The structure of blood capillaries in the human retina cannot entirely genetically determine. Therefore, even identical twins do not have the same retina pattern.

How is ATM eye retinal scanning performed?

Retinal scanning is an easy and quick process. In this process, a low-energy unperceived beam of infrared light is cast into the person’s eye who is looking through the eyepiece of the retinal scanner. This low-energy beam of light slowly traces a consistent path on the human retina. After that, the amount of reflection that varies during the scanning is recorded by the scanner. The reflection pattern changes because the retinal capillaries absorb the beam of light more rapidly than the surrounding tissue. Finally, this pattern of reflection variations is digitized and recorded in a database. 

Application of ATM eye retina technology

Human Retinal scanning is typically used for identification and authentication purposes in many government agencies, including the CIA, FBI, and NASA. However, ATM eye retina technology has become popular in recent years. Eye retina is used in prisons for verification and the avoidance of welfare fraud with ATM individuality. It is a more accurate process than other authentication. For example, fingerprinting where you cannot get a clear photograph, DNA testing, which is a time taking method and password system which is difficult to remember and can easily be determined by someone else.   

Advantages of ATM eye retina technology

ATM eye retina technology has a lot of advantageous, as it is a more convenient and easy to use authentication technique. A few benefits of eye retina scanning are as follows:

  1. Low rate of false positives

According to the National Center for State Court’s estimation, retinal scanning has a low rate of a false-positive result, which is one in ten million.

  1. Much low false negative rates

It is also estimated that retinal scanning also has a low rate of false-negative outcome, which is almost zero.

  1. Highly reliable and precise authentically method 

Because no two people have the same retinal pattern

Generally, the eye retina does not change from birth until death, and two people can never have the same retina eye pattern. But in some cases, eye retina patterns may alter as a result of glaucoma, diabetes, or any retinal degenerative disorders.

  1. Speedy and quick results than other biometric methods: 

Retina technology is a quicker process than other authentication technologies. For example, fingerprinting where you cannot get the result in a single scan if your hand is not clear, DNA testing which is a time taking process, and a password system which takes time to enter the password. However, retina scanning gives the outcome in the blink of an eye. 

Disadvantages of ATM retina technology

As we know, every technology has its advantages as well as disadvantages, so ATM eye retina technology also has some drawbacks. A few disadvantageous of eye retina scanning are as follows:

  1. Many diseases, such as cataracts and severe astigmatism, can affect accuracy measurement. 
  2. Some people perceive the scanning procedure as invasive.
  3. You have to be very close to the camera optics while scanning.
  4. The people who want to use this technology must have exposure to IR rays which may be harmful. 
  5. ATM retina technology has a high equipment cost, so everyone can afford it.
  6. This technology is new and not available everywhere.

But instead of all these disadvantages, no doubt ATM eye retina technology is an easy-to-use and more convenient authentication technique than others.

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