iPhon13 Pro Max

iPhon13 Pro Max

Science and technology are getting advanced day by day. Once, humans had to travel for days to deliver a message, whether for a war or a peace treaty. People were unable to meet or see each other for a long period. But as the human marched towards a progressive future, the distances eased down, and now, a message can travel worldwide, from one place to several places at a time within a few seconds. Now you can call your relatives living far away from you, and you can see them on a video call and talk to them while staying at him.

The technology has created a wonderful device laced with modern and advanced technologies as the technology is marching forward. Known as iPhon13 pro max, this is the most advanced technology in the field of mobile phones. Introduced on September 14 2021, they created chaos in the industry. IPhone13 and iPhone 13 pro max are largely Apple’s newest high-end pro-level technology. They are sold alongside the more affordable iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 minis. 

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro max are for the people who wish to own iPhones with the most advanced features and best quality cameras. The features this mobile phone gained over the last year’s models will be discussed in detail. 

iPhone 13 Pro is the successor to the iPhone 12 at 6.1 inches, while 6.7 inches iPhone pro max is the whole replacement for iPhone 12. All the newest models are following the features of the iPhone 12, as iPhone 3 Pro models have the same stainless steel frame, flat edges, and matte black glass along with a slight increase in thickness.

iPhone 13 pro is available in the following colors:

1- Silver

2- Gold

3- Blue 

4- Graphite

5- Alpine green 

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 pro max are designed for people who care about details. The improvement over iPhones from last is significant but not obvious at first glance. The most impressive advancement is better battery life and the camera system with a high pixel rate and better quality. Here is a little comparison of the iPhone 13 pro max regarding the upgraded improvements and some leftover bad stuff. 

Improved features:

  • Long and great battery life
  • Incredible camera system
  • High refresh rate display
  • Upgraded memory space

Still needs to be improved:

  • Selfie camera as it is average. 
  • Cinematic mode is not Pro.
  • Lightning connector instead of USB-C limits option

Battery life

The battery life improvement is not complicated; it’s a bigger battery. The changes are not obvious at first glance, but they are present here. Apple is happy to introduce great battery life as the replacement for iPhone 12, which was already a battery monster. If we push the phone with lots of 4k videos and full-screen brightness, it will last from early morning till 11 pm with 20% and some battery still in it. With the battery of the capacity and efficiency, this phone lasts longer than a day unless a ton of 4k videos are played intentionally. 

Design and specs

The fact can’t be ignored that the iPhone 13 pro max is similar to iPhone12. However, it was still a big design update. iPhone 12 had sharp yet flat edges, a stainless teal frame, and matte black background. No doubt, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro max inherited these features and slight thickness. It has changed in design only in minor detail. The extra space at the top is left untouched, and it means that you still have to pull down the control center to check the percentage of your phone battery. 

One more slight change in design is thicker and heavier than the last models. Apple has a small bezel around the screen, unlike other Android phones that have gently curving at the corners of the screen. The camera lenses are sapphire, and the frame is made of stainless steel. The back side of the iPhone 13 pro max is a smooth matte. It is a beautiful phone. 

IPhone13 Pro max cameras

“The biggest advancement ever” that’s apple’s marketing for the camera system on the 13 pros. These cameras are for the people who go for details. In good lighting, any smartphone is very competitive these days. In bright sunlight or normal light, pictures taken by this phone model are hard to distinguish from those taken by iPhone 13 or 12. This year, a massive upgrade has been seen in the main wide range sensor. The sensor is much bigger and compatible and features 1.9 µm pixels, as big as anything we have seen on smartphones. The quality is incredible. 

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro max own cameras can catch every detail. It can quickly take a massive amount of light relative to other mobile phones. The low light performance on the 13 pros is simply second to none. The telephoto lens got the award for most improved this year. 

Cinematic model

One of the best features of the iPhone 13 pro max is the cinematic mode. This feature is similar to portrait modes for other android phones. This feature is used to blur the iPhone 13 pro max video background. It is an entirely new model for iPhone. Cinematic mode sensors the background and can easily recognize the human face and body. It is simply software used to identify human faces and blur everything out. It locks on the biggest face seen on the camera. 

Focusing on the face blurs everything if that face moves or turns away from the camera; this mode atomically focuses on another face. It is really fun to play around with. This feature or mode works not only for the front camera but also for the rear camera. You can change the focus on another point other than the face just by a simple tap. 

The conclusion is that this phone is one of the best-advanced shapes of phone technology having great features. iPhone 13 pro max prices in Pakistan are no doubt high. They are starting from 2,48,000 to 320 699 and raising even more. 

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