What is Virtual Reality?

What is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) technology uses a computer to create an imaginary environment. Unlike the traditional types of user interfaces, VR makes the users an excellent experience. Users submerge onto the screen and interact with the 3D worlds instead of viewing the screen in front of them. By pretending as many senses as possible, like hearing, vision, even smelling and touching, the computer transforms the users into this artificial 3D world. Computing power and availability of content are only the limits to make nearly real VR experiences.

What is the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

Augmented Reality is opposite to that of Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality pretends artificial objects in the real world, whereas Virtual Reality makes an artificial environment to settle.

In Augmented Reality, the computer uses many different technologies, like algorithms and sensors to define the orientation and position of a camera. Thus, AR exhibits the 3D graphics that they visualize from the camera point of view. As a result, this technology superimposes the computer-generated images over the real world views of the users. 

On the other hands, in Virtual Reality technology, the computer uses similar technologies like sensors and math. However, instead of locating a real camera physically in the user’s environment, this technology places the user’s eyes within the pretend environment. Whenever the user turns their head, the graphics also react accordingly. VR technology creates an imaginary, interactive and artificial world rather than creating a real scene or virtualized objects.

Virtual Reality technology

1. Head-mounted display (HMD)

The Head-Mounted Display is the most familiar component of Virtual Reality technology. It is a display technology based on immersive Virtual Reality systems, unlike the traditional user interfaces. For example, the CAVE is an automatic virtual setting. It can display virtual content onto a large screen of room size. This technology often uses for fun for university students and peoples of the consumer, big labs, and industrial. 

2. Software and hardware 

Many emerging software and hardware are available in the market that can use to enjoy VR technology along with using different VR wearable. The Oculus Quest, HTC Vive Pro Eye, and Playstation VR are the leading ones in this technology. Additionally, there are lots of companies who are working on this wearable. They have surprised this industry time to time with new levels of usability and immersion. The players are Google, Lenovo, Samsung, Apple, and others. 

3. Virtual reality headset and glasses

virtual reality headset is the most crucial thing of a VR kit. You have to fit a virtual reality headset over your head. It comes with a thick pair of goggles or glasses. Virtual reality glasses put over your eyes. There is two quality of Virtual reality headset are available in the market, high-end headset and budget headset. The higher quality virtual reality headset often found to be more expensive, and they need to connect to a computer so that you can run games and apps. The examples of the best Virtual reality high-end headset are Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, and so on.

On the other hands, some Virtual reality headsets only need to use a cellphone that clipped to the front side of the user headset. The examples of the best virtual reality budget headset are Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and Daydream, and Microsoft in the wings. Whether it is a high-quality virtual reality headset or not, all need to use alongside a good quality of a pair of headphone. 

  • Others virtual reality accessories

Besides the Virtual reality glasses and headsets, you can also use any other optional accessories to enhance your virtual experience of being in another world. These accessories are virtual reality hand controllers and treadmills, like the STEM System, Control VR, Gloveone, iMotion and many others. 

A virtual reality hand controller is the device that used to translate your real-world signals into whatever application or game you are using while watching the 3D movie. These all VR devices like virtual reality glasses, headset, controller, and others have their app stores, just like the app stores of a smartphone. You can download and browse the apps and games from there. You can get access of some of these app stores by using the device itself, whereas you need to use a computer for browsing other stores, like the Steam digital games store for VR section.

Applications of Virtual Reality

Many of the applications of virtual reality technology now have been introduced by hundreds of companies. Many peoples are already enjoying three dimensional VR gaming, movies, TV shows, video conferences, workshops, and lectures. A few of the best applications of virtual reality technology are as fellow:

  1. You can use virtual reality technology for entertainment and media purposes. For example, in journalism, documentary making and film-making. Peoples may apply virtual reality technology to connect more a billion peoples. It could be a vast social platform in the future. 
  2. For online shopping, Social Beta is a software that makes people able to watch online video services.
  3. Many companies are busy building virtual reality technology for watching football matches or music concerts in the imaginary world? Hope so you will enjoy the feeling of a live football match in your house very soon. 
  4. People use VR technology for tourism purposes, and they enjoy the journey of those places where they cannot reach easily. For example, it is used to explore the Grand Canyon, proceeds a gondola ride in Venice, climbs Everest, and watching many startling 360-degree videos from around the globe. Looking forward, you will be around the surface of Mars very soon.
  5. Virtual reality technology is also useful in the healthcare industry. Nowadays, many medical companies are using AR, VR technologies to train medical students. Student can experience the live operations in the classroom from the surgeon’s perspective through the live-streaming. It is called a Virtual Surgeon program.
  6. VR technology in entertainment is not new. Many VR shows, games and movies are available that are entertaining the peoples using Google Cardboard apps, including Bohemian Rhapsody Experience (A VR music video), (NYT VR) video news reports, Star Wars (the official app for films), Sisters (VR horror apps) and so much other Virtual reality application. 

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