Best Travel Backpack

Best Travel Backpack

It is rather difficult to stick to a repetitive routine every single day. The monotony of events causes stress and anxiety to take over us. It’s always good to take some time out to travel and relax.

What could be more relaxing than leaving the city life and spending some time in nature and wilderness? Leaving the comfort of home and still being able to carry the necessary survival equipment, to make the trip worthwhile is no easy task.

A stay in the wilderness close to nature means you have to carry food, water, clothing, emergency supplies as well as other essential items. This also means that these items need to be carried on foot in a way that is neither an inconvenience nor a troublesome factor in your trekking activity.

Even when traveling to an unknown destination or another country, you need to carry essentials with you regardless of where you go.

So how do you carry all this?

The answer is rather simple.

With a travel backpack!

Choosing the right backpack

It can be a bit tricky to choose the correct backpack. It all depends on how much you are going to bring with you. It is always better to travel light, but that does not mean you should sacrifice essentials.

While choosing a backpack, always keep some key features like weight, comfort, usability, and durability, etc in mind. It may seem like there is no perfect backpack to meet all your needs, but that is not true. Outdoor Gears Accessories is the perfect one-stop shop for all your hiking and outdoor equipment.

A good backpack will have the following attributes that make it the perfect choice for traveling:

Easy To Carry

A backpack should provide greater mobility while traveling. No matter what terrain you need to walk, you should be able to trek easily through it and still have the energy to keep going. 

Walking through an airport or a train station should be a breeze. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to wait for luggage. A great place to get your dream, the form-fitting backpack is at Cotopaxi as they offer a wide collection of different travel packs, backpacks, fanny packs, and many more.


A backpack should be easy to organize, having separate sections for different items. Sometimes you need to carry some items that are fragile in nature and need to be stored in a safer and separate partition than other items.

It should also have enough space in the main section for clothes and still be able to fit some other items. A small section for gadgets like cellphones, battery packs, etc. And some pockets items you need to take out regularly without taking the backpack off.  


Comfort should be a priority when traveling. When choosing a backpack, always prioritize comfort and bear in mind three things.

  • Right Fit
  • Weight distribution
  • Appropriate padding

There is a wide range of backpacks to choose from, but you should always try them on before making a final decision. The backpack must compliment your frame and must have shoulder straps that are of the perfect width, neither thin nor broad.

They should provide enough padding on the areas where weight distribution on your upper body should not be strained. If you are carrying more weight, then look for thicker padding and back panel cushioning that still provides breathing space.

A snug hip belt will help you distribute the weight evenly and should be adjustable to fit the length of the torso.

Additional Features

Once you establish the basic features such as right fit and organization, another important feature to consider is the uncertain weather conditions. It is always better to opt for a backpack that provides water resistance. More features like lockable zippers and stowable straps should be looked for.


Overall, weight and added features are important and easy to understand. But how to know if it’s durable and what material it’s made from?

There are generally four materials modern backpacks are made from:


One of the most popular materials in making backpacks is nylon. It is strong and durable, can resist scrapes, scratches, and temperatures very well. Another surprising thing to learn is that it can resist mold.


As a plastic-based fabric, it is highly durable, wear-resistant, and dries off quickly. It is strong, lightweight, and very popular in making backpacks.


Although not used much in making backpacks, this material provides features such as tear resistance, water-resistance and is overall very strong.


Very old material and much heavier to carry this material is used in more fashionable brands as well as other brands where weight is not a problem. Despite being quite heavy, it is highly durable and lasts longer.

Apart from these four, there are a few other materials used in the production of backpacks.  

Types Of Backpacks

It is always worth the effort to compare different makes of backpacks as per their strength and durability. It also comes down to aesthetics and style that best meet your needs. Backpacks have become more popular in the last couple of years amongst urban travelers.

Minimalist backpacks

When traveling to some new country and you don’t want to stand out as a tourist, then these backpacks are for you.  These help you keep a low profile while enjoying the sites and landmarks and also keep you protected from hustlers and thieves.

It is most popular amongst the one-bag urban travelers around the world.


These are high-quality backpacks made from stronger, durable materials and military specifications. These are suitable for long-distance hiking, law enforcement, military deployment, and other high venture activities.

A fair warning though, if you step out wearing one, folks might perceive you as an army personnel, and you may get some unwanted attention in some parts of the world.

Outdoor & Hiking

If you are going for a nature walk, you need backpacks with brighter colors, lots of pockets, and a sportier look. They must be bulkier and built to carry heavier loads.


A classic-looking backpack made with canvas material and leather straps shine, among others. Although they look really good, they often lack comfort and functionality.

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